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Our Tips to Guide You in Buying

Armed with proven expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, we are here to help you navigate the complexities of acquiring a property. Explore our tips for an informed purchase.

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

When considering buying a property, choosing the right neighborhood is as crucial as selecting the house itself. That's why the Morris & Mercier team offers you unparalleled expertise in selecting the ideal neighborhood for you and your family. Specializing in East Montreal, we know every street and corner, uncovering hidden treasures and unique opportunities that match your life aspirations.

Our in-depth knowledge of the various neighborhoods allows us to guide you towards smart choices, taking into account your specific needs, whether it's proximity to schools, access to public transport, local services, or the ambiance and lifestyle of the neighborhood. With Team Morris & Mercier, you are assured of finding a living environment that suits you, in a neighborhood that reflects your values and meets your expectations.

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Looking for a Condo?

Our brokers are here to help. They have access to several tools, such as sector comparables, providing you with the details of recent transactions of neighboring properties that have been sold to make your buying experience easy and enjoyable. They guide you from start to finish and manage the transaction professionally.

They ensure a unique service and enable you to make wise choices, they possess the necessary expertise and inform you about the important details surrounding the purchase of a divided or undivided condo, they offer you free documentation and provide a wealth of relevant advice on condominiums, allowing you to proceed with peace of mind.

Looking for a House?

Our brokers are here to help you. They have access to market statistics and a wealth of concrete information on the sector, which will make your buying experience easy and enjoyable. They guide you from the beginning to the end and manage the transaction professionally.

They ensure a unique service and enable you to make wise decisions; they take the necessary time to thoroughly analyze comparables, study the surrounding market, and the transactions carried out to concretely meet your needs and thus offer a wealth of relevant advice. They strive to make this significant investment an enriching, enjoyable, and safe experience.

Looking for a house?
Looking for a Multiplex?

Dynamic, available, and dedicated, the Morris & Mercier Team leverages new technologies to support and optimize its expertise on details you need to know when owning a multiplex. What to do, how to do it? The laws, tenants' rights, steps to follow during a transformation, and much more.

Our brokers are here to help. Accessibility to various tools such as market statistics, concrete information on the sector, and ratios on the market value of the building in its neighborhood. The latter serves as an indicator to allow you to pay the right price at purchase according to its location. Our brokers are professionals who guide you from the beginning to the end to make this transaction an informed purchase.

They ensure a unique service and enable you to make your project a wise investment according to your budget. They take the necessary time to concretely analyze your needs and offer a wealth of practical advice, allowing you to make your investment a positive and enjoyable experience.

Looking for a multiplex?

Startup Costs

Did you know that when purchasing a property, you need to have a certain amount of cash on hand to cover startup costs? Indeed, the down payment and mortgage payment are not the only costs to consider at the time of purchase.

Startup costs should not be taken lightly; therefore, you need to have sufficient funds available. Many mortgage lenders will even ensure that you have these funds in your possession before granting you a loan. The mortgage loan is calculated based on the value of the house and cannot be used to cover startup costs.

Here are some common startup costs:

  • Property inspection and evaluation
  • Mortgage insurer's file review, if applicable, as well as taxes on the premium
  • Notary fees
  • Account adjustment fees indicated by the notary (electricity, heating, municipal and school taxes, equipment rental contract, etc.)
  • Transfer tax (welcome tax)
  • Moving expenses
  • Connection fees (telephone, electricity, etc.)
  • Setup (painting, curtains, etc.)

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